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1968  Peace demonstration at San Francisco City Hall Plaza

1968 Peace Demo2cropsmall.jpg

As the Vietnam War dragged on, and American and Vietnamese casualties mounted, American youth stepped up their mass demonstrations against the War.  In April, 1968, a rally was held in San Francisco's City Hall Plaza.  The crowd, estimated at several thousand, stretched from City Hall to the Plaza pond and beyond.

Although nudity was not a typical part of the demonstrations against the Vietnam War, one protester/exhibitionist took advantage of the warm weather and the ready-made audience to strip and wade in the Plaza pond in his birthday suit, acknowledging the crowd with what looked like gestures of  blessing.  

1968 SF Peace Demo4small.jpg

The crowd of thousands listens to the rally speakers.

1968 SF Peace Demo3small.jpg

These enthusiastic demonstrators showed their approval.

1968 Peace Demo2small.jpg

Some of the younger demonstrators couldn't resist the urge to jump in the City Hall Plaza, pond, get wet and cool off.


This anti-war protester was into the spirit of the day, body and soul.

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