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1960s--Student political tables on and off campus

Up until the Free Speech Movement won an end to many of the UC administration's restrictions on student political activity, the only place that literature and recruiting tables could be set up was at Bancroft and Telegraph Avenues, which was not on University Property. 

Here are a few photographs showing the tables of various student organizations.  After the FSM's victories, several areas on campus were designated for tables and leaflet distribution, with permits required (a provision not always enforced). 

1962--Bancroft and Telegraph, informational material and signups for the SLATE summer conference 

By the mid-sixties political tables were permitted on campus.  This is an impressive lineup in front of the Student Union.

Like to argue?  -- nothing thing like a good impromptu debate

1968--Mexican-American Students Association's table.  The sign says "Support the Chicanos." 


Information table during the 1966 student strike over restrictions on on-campus political activity.

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Third World Liberation Front (TWLF) table during the 1969 strike for Ethnic Studies

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